Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Contributing to a class project

My open source experience has been a little rough. I have not put in as much time and effort into my projects as I am struggling to meet deadlines.  My open source class requires me to find an issue in an internal project that my whole class is working on and another issue in an external projects.

One of my goals for the external project was to tackle something completely out of my field in a big repository. The issue I found (https://github.com/microsoft/react-native-windows/issues/3595) was to add support for device orientation for windows react native that Microsoft is a part of. The maintainer was very helpful in clarifying what needs to be done and what I should do. I tried my best(https://github.com/microsoft/react-native-windows/pull/3679) to implement a way to see if the device orientation was changed and tried to fire an event and do not know if it is correct. I hope some of the developers provide feedback.

My internal issue (https://github.com/Seneca-CDOT/telescope/issues/64) was to add a function to generate an OPML file from a list of feeds. I was very unsure how to approach this since the project itself was very new and I had to use other peoples code to help write my solution. I was suggested by my professor to use a built in node package called OPML-Generator that automatically converts the list of feeds into a OPML file as long as the formatting is correct. The pull request (https://github.com/Seneca-CDOT/telescope/pull/237) I made tried to incorporate code that was made by a classmate that imports the feed list and code from another classmate that gets specific details from a blog post. I tried to incorporate all that but I am not confident in my code since I did not put enough time to research and test my code. I am currently trying to fix it up and merge it so my classmates can use it and be a part of this project.

I was very stressed through this whole assignment, I struggled a lot to write this code that I do not think is correct and fixing an external project was very difficult too. I hope to set aside more time and ask for more help in the coming weeks in order to complete this project.

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