Saturday, October 19, 2019

Hacktoberfest 2019 Issue #3

Another week of Hacktoberfest in the books, another pull request done. It is week 3 and looking for issues is still pretty difficult especially with exams in the same week as week 3 so it was hard to find the time to get an issue.

The issue I found has been made by an Indonesian developer who wanted to set up an example repository for HTML and CSS files for people in Makassar, Indonesia. I found this to be really funny because my background is Indonesian but I was born here so trying to translate from Indonesian to English to understand his issue was pretty tough. Luckily for me, google translate is a great tool to have =D

The issue ( I found was pretty simple as have my issues for the past 2 weeks have been. It just asked to make a good navigation bar for other people to see and use as a template or learning example. For my pull request(, I made a simple navigation bar that just puts all the options at the top and an additional features like a drop down menu and made the table responsive.

Lastly, I hope for my last week of Hacktoberfest I find an big issue I enjoy so I can learn something new and truly understand how it feels to contribute to a open source project. One of my friends did a issue for the microsoft calculator which was pretty cool so I hope to find something big like that. Thanks for reading! 

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